Another fabulous performance of the Yang 32 Sword form. I could do without the still images at the beginning but when she starts the form it is worth the wait! What I like about this young woman’s approach is the pacing and the fluidity. It could be argued that she could finish some of the form positions more precisely, but she achieves a smoothness and flow during the form that I find refreshing. The focus and balance is never lost. If you are studying this form this is a very useful reference video.


Nigel Minchin

Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong practitioner since 2014 and instructor since 2020 ( Practising the Yang 8 and 24 step hand forms, 32 sword form, Cheng Man-Ch’ing 37 step hand and 54 step sword forms, Chen Old Frame (first routine Lao Jia Yi Lu). Swimming Dragon, Ba Duan Jin and Shibashi Qi Gong forms.

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