This is one of the foremost exponents of the Chen style of Tai Chi demonstrating in great detail Laojia Yi Lu (old frame). The older of the two main long forms of Chen Tai Chi. To quote his website (  – Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is the 19th Generation Lineage Holder of Chen Family Taijiquan and is one of the few holders of the highest rank of 9th Duan Wei conferred by the Chinese Wushu Association. The recording quality of the video is not great but the demonstration is of the highest level. Useful for practitioners to learn from and admirers of to enjoy.

Nigel Minchin

Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong practitioner since 2014 and instructor since 2020 ( Practising the Yang 8 and 24 step hand forms, 32 sword form, Cheng Man-Ch’ing 37 step hand and 54 step sword forms, Chen Old Frame (first routine Lao Jia Yi Lu). Swimming Dragon, Ba Duan Jin and Shibashi Qi Gong forms.

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